the Family Spanish Project

Like everything, our Family Project started long before it had a name. It started on a pact made between my husband and I, and neither of us had any idea where it would lead us. Many moons ago, we were generously invited to the home of a friend in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Since it wasn't by the beach, we politely declined - many times. Then, one day, we took them up on their offer... and following is a chronicle of where that has led us. I publish this with the understanding that it is a bit narcissistic but with the hope that it may inspire an immersion adventure in someone else to see where that leads them. It hasn't always been roses and fiestas, but it has changed our lives positively and immeasurably with still some distance to travel!

We leave in January 2015 for the last portion of our Family Spanish Project that now spans over the course of five years. Our youngest child was still in a backpack during our first three week visit, and she will return as first grader missing her two front teeth. Many thanks to SpanglishBaby for originally encouraging these postings that made our "experiment" seem so much more relevant and valued. I am forever grateful to the voice you gave me and the community you helped us discover!

Every week, I'll re-publish an old posting as a lead up to our departure and then add more as we go - God willing, you witness our perspective change over the years and through the posts! I have purchased and read numerous books and articles on family sabbaticals, and I have talked with tons of families about doing this on every different level from two weeks to two years. I hope this contributes to the collection that already exists, and I hope it offers some insight.

Thank you. Gracias. And wish us luck!