Summer Language Camps

The question of the season. Bookings start now. So IF this is your debate, we’re putting a list of resources together for you below. And IF you are debating, quick reasons why we recommend it!

And if you (still) have any question about the benefits of bilingualism, here’s a quick read for you from Mom Loves Best.

Benefits of Language Camps

·      Kids and families are surrounded by like-minded souls who support their vision to learn a new language (this should never be discounted, through these social networks, families are often exposed to more opportunities for language learning)

·      Best for beginners ~ It’s a great entry-way to a lifelong quest or just a dip in the water, and you don’t have to be committed for life! But, why not?!

·      Return each day refreshed from the comforts and support of your own home

·      All camps offer a range of activities to make summer learning fun, i.e. “not like school”

Benefits of Sleep Away Language Camps

·      This is when your brain goes into overtime, while you sleep, your brain is busy working out the (word) problems of the day!

·      Immersion = proven best method to learn any language

·      Make friends who speak the target language, which we hope converts the kids into speaking the target language - more

·      Usually sleep away camps aren’t dedicated to “language” but to some other activity, therefore making it a) more attractive to the language learner, and b) normalizing the language because the camp is focused on something else (archery, adventure, art, soccer, etc.)

·      Lastly, kids may form long-term friendships during the bonding of sleep away camp which will encourage them to remain in touch with the friends, the language, and the culture

·      Travel! What an added bonus!

Summer Day Camps (listed by location)

Bogota, Colombia

  • Camp Piragua*, (video above from last day of camp)

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

  • My Escuelita*,

  • Kallpachay,

Miami, FL

New York, NY


Patagonia, Argentina


San Miguel de Allende, MX

  • Centro Bilingue*,



Summer Sleepaway Camps (consider the location and the primary activity)



  • Antigua:



  • Camp Pipiol*,

  • Quinta Camp,


United States

This list is by no means exhaustive, please email us other ones that you recommend and we will add to the list! *Vetted by Team Habla Blah Blah