Blow on a dandelion and a 100 little seeds are spread into the world, creating a ripple affect for change.


Habla Blah Blah's Dandelion is the non-profit arm of Habla Blah Blah that provides free curricular mentorship, financial aid, and resources to foreign language programs in elementary schools. We advocate, implement, and support second language instruction for all children in accordance with the American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages and the U.S. Department of Education. We believe that learning another language leads to a new perspective, greater empathy, and understanding of others. It is essential for a healthy global community.


Help us to educate the next generation of citizens.

Thus far, we have successfully implemented Spanish programs in three CWC elementary schools in Los Angeles: Hollywood, Mar Vista, and Silverlake. We've also donated music CD's to every Kindergartner incoming to Micheltorena Street School's Bilingual program. We believe in educating youth as early as possible and we believe in the teachers who guide this opportunity!

"We have been fortunate at Citizens of the World Charter School Hollywood to have established a partnership with Habla Blah Blah, ...[and with that partnership] to have established the foundation for language instruction at our school."

- Marissa Berman, Founding Principal, Citizens of the World Charter School

"Amy has been a strong advocate of second language learning and has demonstrated incredible ability to navigate between administration, parents and teachers to convince everyone at our school that language teaching should be a priority at any elementary school! Habla Blah Blah is responsible for the founding of the program, and for its healthy continuation through ongoing fundraising efforts and support in the classroom. Amy’s deep knowledge and passion about second language learning have truly made a difference at Citizens of the World Charter schools."

- Berta Moreno, Spanish Teacher, Citizens of the World Charter School