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Our philosophy is simple: exposure enriches.


Foreign language learning for children through music

Our philosophy is simple: exposure enriches.  Exposure to new sounds, new words, and new cultures creates new opportunities and enriches lives.  As the borders of our world become more blurred and less important, why not create greater lines of communication and open pathways to understanding?  Communication is the pathway to peace.

Aside from our idealistic philosophy, it's just plain fun to say "I love you" in lots of different languages! or play hide and seek, or shop for the exact ingredients of a proper French crepe. The theory behind this music is that it is really simple and very easy: beginning language learners first focus on the refrain, as their comfort level increases, they naturally increase their vocabulary, and eventually pick apart the 'chunks' to create new phrases. This is interactive music designed for a child's introduction to the sounds and words of Spanish, English, French, or all three!  It is simple, and it is repetitive. Best of all, it works! It is also very relevant, so that it seems like silly, playful music, and then suddenly you're speaking a new language!



Find out about our music, mission, methods, and our organization. The results of our years of multi-lingual advocacy.

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Ready to begin your language learning journey? Check out our music in English, Spanish, and French!  You can do this!

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