Everyday is an adventure.  Give your kids the gift of another language and transform their perspective forever! 


Habla Blah Blah is a language learning program for kids via original music in English, Spanish and French.  Between Volumes One & Two we have nearly 40 songs per language.  

The concept is to listen to the music in your mother tongue first, then switch to the album with a new language. The lyrics are the same across all albums and the music compositions remain identical in each. Your brain makes connections based on rhythm, tone, and familiarity and translates before you even read the enclosed lyric booklets.  

It is a simple concept...that really works!

Our music is a superb language learning tool and is recommended for ages 0 to 10.

We launched Habla Blah Blah Vol. 1 in November 2013, and were thrilled to receive the award for 2013 BEST CHILDREN'S SONGWRITER from the Indie Music Channel.  Now, upon digitally launching Vol. 2, we were awarded BEST CHILDREN'S SONG 2016 in April at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Los Angeles.

“Kids have an amazing ability to learn languages if they have the opportunity available to them. Habla Blah Blah will be a terrific resource for both kids and their parents because it uses music to make learning new languages both fun and familiar.”
— Bob Pittman, Philanthropist, founder of MTV, Nickelodeon