How To Plan a Trip to Argentina for Five in 3 Weeks or Less

We are taking 3 weeks of our retirement early, 3 weeks from today. Instead of waiting to have our ducks in a row, we’re swimming a lap with the ducks. Maybe the row will be more orderly later?!

2016 is all about new opportunities and calculated risks, so that’s how we’ll be starting the year.

I don’t consider this trip as part of my ‘Bucket List’ because it implies to me that a) you are dying, or b) you're just checking a box. It is so much more layered than that (language, culture, adventure, time away), but I guess the real reason is why? Why now? Why such a big trip? “What are your intentions and motivations, young sire?” said the doubting father.

Truthfully, it IS a bit last minute and rushed. I feel slammed to learn more and we feel behind in our research, but if we wait for the perfect moment, I’m not sure when that will present itself. And let’s be honest, some of the best moments in my life have happened in this same fashion!

We are travelling as a family of five with ages 12, 10, and 8. I lay this out to manage your expectations. Argentina, turns out, is HUGEamongous. So it also turns out that I wish we had 3 months vs. 3 weeks. There’s a ton of information available for backpackers and first-class travellers, but I am looking for family travel recs. Rule #1 of travel is always to remain flexible, so if you email me by the New Year, we'll still have a chance. :)

Via, I’ve booked an apartment in Palermo, Buenos Aires, for the first week, and we’ll take 24 hours to see Iguazu Falls while there. I’m fairly certain that one week in B.A. won’t do it justice – it is a storied and historical city rich in art and vibrant 24 hours a day. We’ll catch it again on our back end as we fly home to L.A.

After B.A., we fly to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world to see Penguins. Even though it will be their summer in Tierra del Fuego, it will be cold since we’re so far south, so we’re only spending a few days before flying to El Calafate. We’re looking forward to giant glaciers and panoramic scenery in Patagonia. This is also our respid, so we’re hunting down a traditional Estancia or nature Cabaña to accommodate our family's fondness for the countryside, long lunches, and horseback rides at sunset.

I’m a romantic but I’m also a pragmatist. Romantically, I’m up for anything…case in point, 3 kids later! With kids, however, I think most moms feel that they must have solid plans for travel. Email me your recommendations and itineraries. I would love to start a virtual space where we can share travel and cultural recs. Jen, I know you just went to Japan with your 10 year old ~ tell me the details!

Here are the books & media we plan to consume prior to departure:

What else? What else? I know I’m forgetting a million things, so please tell me.

And, cheers to you all, virtually, as we ring in the New Year!

May we all inspire one another. 

May we continue to take calculated risks and relish in that thrill of adrenaline.

May we share in peace with our community, local and global.

~ Amy Conroy