Surf 2 Snow, I ❤️ L.A.

Everytime you push a boundary, it brings you to a new threshold, a new horizon, and gives you a new perspective. I can see farther from that point. 'Travel' usually brings me there. Adventure. Exploration. Challenge.

Last weekend, a group of families pushed our California culture to the extremes. We took one day to surf and hit the slopes, a legendary California double! It was breath-taking and exhilarating – for every age. Alive! Def makes your heart thump.

We travelled in our own backyard and celebrated our hometown culture. Referencing a theme from “Eat, Pray, Love”, I like the idea that every city has a unique character. But as a native Los Angelean, I am not always in love with my city's character nor all of the people in it. It can be a tough city to thrive in between the traffic and stereotypical fluff that is the entourage to beautiful creatives. But underneath it all, at its foundation, Los Angeles and the people that it draws, are salt of the earth “ralliers”. They rally. They go for it. They push limits.

They do not listen to others that say it can’t be done. They aren't daunted by silly old traffic (not all of the time).

So, here’s to my Los Angeleans! Historically, we’ve always pushed into new territory and I like to think some genetic nurturing is present in all of us who seek it.

Stats of the Day

Malibu water temperature: 58 degrees.

Snow Summit peak: 8,174 feet above sea level.

Drive time: 4 hours.

Surf 2 Snow

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